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  1. Hydrant
  2. Organics

    Organics Recycling Rebate Program

    The City of Excelsior is encouraging adoption of organics recycling by offering a rebate – up to $200 - to residents who sign up for organics service through Republic Services. Read on...
  3. Commissions

    Apply to be on a City Commission - Now Accepting Applications for all Commissions

    Interested in on a City Commission? Click here for more information.
  4. No parking signs

    Temporary Posting of "No Parking" Signage

    With the significant snowfall over the past month, street widths may be too narrow to accommodate parking on both sides of the street in some areas. Read on...
  5. Hockey Rink

    Hockey Rink Now Open at The Commons

    The hockey rink is now open at The Commons. Click for more information. Read on...
  6. 2023 Parking Permits

    2023 Parking Permits

    Did you know you can submit your documents to obtain your 2023 parking permits online? Read on...
  7. Snow and Ice Removal

    Sidewalk Snow/Ice Removal

    A friendly reminder from the Excelsior Public Works Department asking for your help in the removal of snow and/or ice from the sidewalks. Read on...
  8. Land Use
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