Required Licenses / Permits

Building Permits

A building permit is required any time you do work that is regulated by the building code. This includes:

  • Any work done to the permanent weather resistive surfaces of the dwelling such as the siding, windows, or roof
  • A change in the use of a space or the finishing of unfinished space
  • The building of additions, garages, and decks

Work that is exempt from a permit includes painting, wallpapering, flooring, kitchen cabinets, and minor repairs. Detached storage buildings not exceeding 120 square feet do not require a building permit if they are not installed on a concrete slab. They do, however, require a plan review.

Mechanical, Plumbing & Electrical Permits

A mechanical permit is required for work done with air exchange systems, heating, and air conditioning. A plumbing permit is required when adding a water fixture such as a sink, tub, toilet, or lawn sprinklers. An electrical permit is required for work done with your electrical wiring system. Electrical permits are issued by the State of Minnesota. Information and permits can be accessed from the State of Minnesota website.