City Manager

Form of Government

The City of Excelsior is a Home Rule Charter form of government. The charter establishes a council-manager plan of government except as provided by law or the charter. Under the City Charter, the elected City Council consists of a mayor and four council members. All policy and legislative decisions are the responsibility of the council. The council appoints the city manager and delegates the administrative duties to the city manager.

City Manager Responsibilities

The city manager acts as a liaison between the City Council, its advisory boards and commissions, and city staff to develop and implement policies guiding the city. The city manager also hires department directors, evaluates the performance of employees, sets general personnel policies, and approves staff appointments.

The manager supervises the preparation of the annual budget and advises the mayor and City Council on administrative and financial needs. Additional responsibilities of the city manager include preparing agenda materials and recommendations for council meetings, processing of citizen inquiries and service requests, and representing the City of Excelsior at meetings and conferences.