City Newsletter

The City publishes a semi-annual newsletter which is mailed to all Excelsior households. The newsletter is also emailed to those who have subscribed to the newsletter listserv. To subscribe go to the City’s homepage and click on "Email Signup" then input the email address you would like the newsletter sent to and choose the email icon next to "City Newsletters". The most recent newsletter is also available on this page. Please contact City Hall at (952) 474-5233 if you have any questions.

Quarter 3 & 4 Newsletter 2023(PDF)

Quarter 1 & 2 Newsletter 2023 (PDF)

Quarter 4 Newsletter 2022 (PDF)

Quarter 3 Newsletter 2022 (PDF)

Quarter 2 Newsletter 2022 (PDF)

Quarter 1 Newsletter 2022 (PDF)

Fall/Winter 2021 Newsletter (PDF)

Spring/Summer 2021 Newsletter (PDF)

Fall/Winter 2020 Newsletter (PDF)

Spring/Summer 2020 Newsletter (PDF)

Fall/Winter 2019 Newsletter (PDF)

Spring/Summer 2019 Newsletter (PDF)

Fall/Winter 2018 Newsletter (PDF)

Spring/Summer 2018 Newsletter (PDF)